Monday, October 31, 2011

What we have been up to

This weekend the younger two had plans with friends. Zekaryah went to two different get together's as a Air Force New Recruit. He is wearing fatigues my dad in Utah sent us. It made me so proud to see how excited he was about them.
We moved the boys when the winter got real cold last year into Jakob's room. I then used the loft to store extra things. It was getting to the point recently that the boys just really needed/wanted their own space again. I spent Sunday working in Zekaryah's room while he was gone- making that happen. I organized everything and even got Paul to change out an outlet so that we could make better use of this very small space. I think I hit my head on the ceiling 15 times during the 4-5 hours it took to get everything cleaned and moved around.

I am thankful that he is a very easy child. He still likes his futon. I will admit just from sitting on it, I could not sleep on that all the time. It is not comfortable at all. I guess when you are a child and want your own space things like that might not matter as much.
This is where I got clever. Before Zekaryah's bed and entertainment center were in this zone/area. I decided I really needed storage space and he needed more than a foot between the bed and tv, moving things out worked perfectly and gives me a zone for blankets and things. Yeah to one room down! Hopefully we get two more done this week. We also worked in the yard this weekend on Saturday. We got a ton done too. Very exciting.


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