Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Wow what a thankful week I have had. 
Sunday morning my middle son made me boiled eggs for breakfast. They were the best boiled eggs. Made me realize it is time to invest into his cooking skills. They were like my grandmas boiled eggs, nice and soft in the middle, yet with a medium set.
Monday the kids had off school, I decided to not volunteer and spent the entire day with them. I worked on a quilt while they were busy doing their thing then enjoyed the afternoon watching a movie in my bed with our daughter. I love moments like that. At the age of 12 I am thankful to still have them.
Tuesday my oldest son helped with wash and dishes since I had a very busy day trying to finish up said quilt from Monday. I wanted to mail it Tuesday afternoon. I was so thankful for his help. He is an amazing child. So busy with his own classes but always finds the time to help when I need it. He even made me a pan of brownies this week which I needed!
I got an amazing blog overhaul by Traci at Ordinary Inspirations she also has a facebook page
So what do you think?
I really do love it!!!

 Yesterday my husband brought home these. I had a rough day, been dealing with these terrible headaches and some pain in the tissue areas of my chest.
I will admit if I had not just gone in for my Mammogram a few months ago I would be very worried. I did have to go back for the ultrasound but it came back fine. I am still going to watch these spots though. I appreciate my husband listening to my concerns and being so thoughtful.
Today I got the biggest blessing of all. A friend called and said she had made a trip to Sams and wanted me to come by and get some things from her that we could share. WOW is all I can say. The Lord is so amazing!!!
I have been eying the pork loin sales for a while, but they had not come down enough yet, she provided just that and had no idea! You know the Lord surely does move into other peoples lives to help us when we seem to really need it the most. For that I am ever grateful. Quilt sales have been slow but twice now this friend has given us food. Something to think about...

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