Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Frustrating Life of Computers

Sometimes I am so frustrated by computers. I just recently requested that my Blog be made over.
 I wanted tabs and a blog button with a code etc. I am so excited that Becoming a Strong Woman for God led me to Traci at Ordinary Inspirations she also has a facebook page
So what do you think?
I think she did an incredible job. I really love it. 
I could not figure out the tabs/pages on the Blogs.
I wanted a code button and I could not seem to figure that out either.
I wanted a header that was more about me, what I stand for, why I blog.

The frustrating part- she has this cute little quilted looking border with the maple leaves on the side- I can't see it on my computer. I was able to see it last night on my son's. I have tried everything. I reinstalled FireFox. I cleared my caches and cookies. NADA. It just shows up white across the entire screen. I am a tad upset that I can't see the beauty of my Blog in its entirety. I hope to figure out what setting is blocking that. Other blogs I visit have their cute little borders, so that tells me it is not my settings overriding it.

Another frustrating aspect today. I wanted to have my Blog posted on facebook. I have been working on it this morning. I have yet to get my graphic the size that Facebook requires. I can't seem to directly import without using Network Bloggers either, but I know many of you do. I feel like nowadays with all the HTML codes, RSS feed etc you need a class to get anything done. 

So to show you the kind of morning I have had. I just noticed that my PJ bottoms have been on backwards since I took the kids to school today. LOL!!! 
I guess they are just one of those pair of pants. Maybe on that note its time to shower, make enchiladas for dinner and work on my new Quilt Sampler.


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  1. This is beautiful! I love it!

    I had my pajama shirt on backwards a few weeks ago! Took all morning to notice (It was a Saturday) and it had been that way since bedtime the night before!


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