Monday, October 10, 2011

Dating Your Husband Challenge Monday

It is interesting to me that as I go through this challenge another week it becomes a little more difficult to find time to really connect with my husband. This week we started off with 3 nightly meetings, then a track meet Friday Night. Saturday we were split up in the morning, I volunteered and then we met up after he got off work at 11 to volunteer together with our oldest son at a BBQ benefit. 

Saturday evening I realized we had to do something. That became a little more chaotic as my son's friend came and spent the night. Our plan turned to a movie in. We made hot dogs/sausage for dinner- nothing special and then the boys all went and watched one movie (our daughter stayed with a friend) and we watched another. It was a tough choice. In normal circumstances we would have all watched both movies together. This time my need to have an at home date outweighed being such a great family. 

I have to admit that its so good for our children to realize we are "dating". I don't want them to think we are just going to watch a movie, rather I want them to realize that you don't have to go out to have a date you can have a date in. You have to make a plan though and find something you both want to do. For us it was watching X-Men First class. We had both seen the movie before but we enjoyed it enough to watch it together again. 

I am impressed that the kids really do just leave us alone. It is nice having teenagers. I feel like we can rebuild some crucial aspects of our marriage, and it is a great time to do so since we are being wonderful examples to them. Marriage takes a lot of work. You have to communicate, plan and in some ways be organized. Most of all you have to CHOOSE to stay in love.

I am still enjoying this challenge. Hopefully I can be a little more creative this coming week on finding something fun to do that doesn't cost anything. I am hoping each night we can connect on a daily walk this week. I discovered when reviewing my calendar that I have NO meetings this week. How exciting!

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  1. You week sounded like mine however the bottom line is making the time to connect and letting our children know how important that it. Blessings


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