Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dating Our Husband's Challenge

I came across this great challenge about dating our husband's on Becoming a Strong Woman of God's Blog
I started it last week. I am once again posting a little late but I had a very busy day yesterday. This week we did not do as well with our nightly walks, in fact, we did not get a SINGLE one in. I guess between my meetings and his side jobs there was not an evening free. By Friday I was desperate for a date night!
My plan was to go see Courageous. I really really wanted to see the movie. It however was not playing in our Cheaper theaters, so after much discussion, we did not go see the movie. My husbands points were that at a movie we would not be spending time together really, we could not talk etc. My point was the value of the movie itself. Maybe next time.
We did go to Outback Steakhouse. I had a gift card for a free steak. Of course, I forgot to read the fine print, here it was a Friday night and it was only good until 4 Monday-Thursday. It would be my luck that I did not see that, nor did he, until we had already sat down and ordered drinks.
I learned an important lesson this weekend- "Just roll with it".
I was so caught up in spending the "extra money" I had not planned that I actually briefly made my husband mad. We had not been out on a date without a single child in months and here I was worried about the extra $20 the night was going to cost us.
Once I got over that we had a really good time. He knew that a local DJ would be at a place near by and we went over there after dinner and enjoyed some music. I admit the date night was more about him this time then me. However, I think we still both had a great time and marriage is all about compromise isn't it?
I will say I am glad to be doing this challenge. We tried to even turn making salsa on Sunday into a sort of in home date, its the little things that make the difference!
This week will be a date night in. We will have to come up with something clever.

For more on the Dating Our Husbands Challenge see Becoming a Strong Woman of God

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  1. That is great Jenn the whole point of this challenge is to be aware and not let "life" get in the way of our marriages. No matter what we do, doing it together and being intentional is what matters. Keep up the great job. Hugs


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