Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

Well we had an interesting 24 hours. I left yesterday afternoon since Paul had off to get a break- I rarely do that. A friend and I were about 45 min away when I got the call that a fire was within a mile of our house. First let me say that it could not have been a better day because Paul was NOT at work. Had he been the kids would have been here all alone. I cringe at the thought.
We learned some important lessons. One cell service is not reliable in emergencies. I had the hardest time talking more than a minute at a time and it took forever to reach Paul or him to reach me for hours. 
We thought of the kids and that they need to know how to send a text from email- because our internet was still working- so we will be setting that up today. 
We also learned that Jakob needs to at least know how to drive. We will also be teaching him starting tonight to just drive around our neighborhood- so that in the event a parent is not home to get the kids out he can just leave with them. I was shocked that even with a license they would not let me in last night.
I found it interesting to see what everyone grabbed.
Paul grabbed the CPU part of the two computers we own, the hard drive and my files/folders by the desk
He also grabbed his mom's quilts that were in a cedar chest.
Each of the kids grabbed some clothes, the quilts I just made them and a couple smaller baby quilts I had made each of them. 
Of course i had to laugh that they grabbed their game systems. Mekenzei grabbed two stuff animals. 
They grabbed the dogs and snake too.
As a family we have had to evacuate a home when they were kids due to mold, we were only allowed to take the clothes on our backs, because the levels of mold in the house were so severe. I am thankful this time we had warning. I am thankful that it missed our subdivision also. Many were not so lucky.

I am grateful we had great friends that let us bunk with them last night, even the dogs were able to stay in their backyard. It made me feel good to know that if the house was gone we at least would still have a roof over our head for a while. 
I think it was good to see that the house is just the structure it is what and who that is in it that makes it a home.
There are many without homes today, there are many that need supplies and a place to stay. There are also many all across the state of Texas fighting fires. Please pray for them. I know Austin desperately needs some rain!

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