Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful to a friend who is making my day of volunteering uncomplicated. I wanted to be at the Jr High today for the entire Bulldog Express. I had a conflict since Paul is down to two employees this week and could not leave early, another friend is not off until 5 and I wanted the younger two to get to the school between 2-3 to get their schedules. It would allow them more time to meet and greet with their teachers. This friend is not only going to come to my house to pick up the kids but she is going to take them back to her house for an afternoon of swimming and dinner. I don't get done till 8 or 9.
I am also thankful that my children are getting older. I realized how much more I can do this coming year. I have the opportunity to really make an impact in the community by becoming part of some wonderful organizations. I was a little torn when a job opportunity came up this week. I prayed about it, applied for the job and let God do the rest. Seems He was not quite ready for me to go back to teaching full time because it is already filled, the application date is not even over yet. It made me realize that I had to do my part and follow up on five inquiries for quilts. So far one has gotten back, she wants to wait till after Halloween so she can find Halloween fabric for her Tshirt quilt. 
I am thankful that school is about to start. I think it gets a little harder each year as they get more involved in school and they get that much closer to my time in their every day life being over. I am thankful for every moment we have, the teaching ones, the fun ones and even the hard ones where lessons need to be learned.
I continue to pray for my husband. I pray that the Lord continue to work in His heart and that our paths will cross more united soon. Until that time I thank the Lord for his continued strength and comfort and for providing me with support from others. I am very thankful that the movie Courageous is almost here, I can't wait for the difference it will make in our lives. It is going to be a date night to look forward to for sure.
May you have a very blessed Thursday.

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  1. I hadn't heard of the movie Courageous until you mentioned it. I Googled it and, after seeing what it's about, decided it's a must-see for our family. We're all interested in legal stuff these days, not to mention it's from the makers of Fireproof. Thanks for mentioning it.

    You have been blessed. God has already given you strength and comfort or you wouldn't have made it thus far.


Pleasant words are as a honeycomb: sweet to the soul and health to the bones. Proverbs 16:24