Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Ways of the Lord

Today I sit and ponder how wonderful our Lord is. My mind is everywhere this morning, it is full and occupied, so bare with me as we journey together, lately my blogs seem very all over the place. Unfortunately it is the life of the Bipolar, the thousand things coming at me at once.
So I start with this, He laid a couple of things, well really projects, on my heart last night and then this morning and I can say I am excited to be his clay to achieve those. I can't wait to share the finished projects too. I love it when you read something or talk with someone and the Lord does that tiny little whisper, "I need you", "This jobs for you", "What about..." Just spoken quietly to my heart.
I praise Him for continuing to work in our family. For allowing us to continue to get extra jobs so that I can continue to stay home. I woke up a little depressed that my husband would be late tonight, I had forgotten I admit that it was tonight that he would be late because he can make a little extra money on a side job after work. Means we eat dinner without him, means that we miss that little quality time we have, but it also means blessings because I know the bills that will be hard to pay next month will be a little easier. 
I am thankful for the idea the Lord placed in my mind about our EASTER Egg Hunt Pool. I knew that summer was quickly approaching. I saw that we didn't have enough money to do enough windows to run the big ac window unit we were given last summer- at least not just yet. I thought of the fact that as much as we love the beach with the price of gas we would not be able to go every weekend or even twice a month this year. I thought of the fact that we are digging hard into reading, writing and math this summer and I need a reward system that would be nearly free and also a way to cool down in the heat of the days. Then whispers of a pool sounded. It took some effort but I depleted some of the money from the window fund to pay for the pool.I admit the timing is off because it arrived at Walmart Monday morning, not over the weekend like expected.
I see the Lord continue to help us with the plans of the pool. Providing us wood for the privacy fence we will need, providing us wood for the decking we will need to build. Providing us with Time to till the ground so that it is more even. Providing us with a wonderful brother in law who will develop a filter system for us so that the cost is minimal to keep the pool clean.
I am looking forward to this weekend. A time where we can barbeque and spend some quality time together, a time where we can set up the pool after the kids do their scavenger hunt with eggs to show them what their prize is. Funny as it seems now I like the idea of doing the easter eggs the week after Easter. It kept our minds focused this past weekend and we all were in places in our life where we needed the Lord more lately. 
I look forward to this weekend also as we try out a new church. My heart is heavy with the idea. My husband and I were talking it over last night on the way to pick up Jakob from his college test. I mentioned how I was not quite ready to transition. Our church we attend now is doing a series on Noah, on anxiety, being overwhelmed. It spoke directly to my heart. The new church has services on every Wed night and then also Sundays there are three you can choose from. The current church has services on the first Wed of the month and then also Saturday nights and Sundays there are three to choose from. I had come up with the plan to attend Saturday night service at the current church alone each Saturday night for the next month. My husband looked over and said, "I will go with you, we will make it a date night" I just smiled and knew..we really are in this together. I need this series, I feel the Lord will work through me this next month like he never has before. I think that I have hit rock bottom and he is ready to do great things. I also recognize that we need a new church like never before. We need one where the cost to go to camp or be involved is not so high, we also need one that is closer to make it easier on us gas money wise and time wise so we can be more active. I will miss our church, we have been there since I was pregnant with Mekenzei, she will be turning 12. We have watched them grow and flourish, all three of our children have been baptized there, the youth pastor led the service at the funeral for my Mother in Law, we have so many good memories. Now we are on a path for new ones. I pray that the Lord will open my heart, that he will meet our needs, that He will direct our Paths as to if this other church is where he wants us for this journey in our lives. I see the potential for great things if we will give it a chance. For now I can just be thankful that my husband is walking beside me, not in front or behind but next to me holding my hand, wanting also for me to finish healing and find my footing once more.

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  1. I completely understand the anxiety with finding a new church. We went through this a year after moving to our present home. It was hard to leave our old church, and I still miss it at times. Going there was not allowing us to be involved and often we considered the time and distance to decide if we would participate in activities. Our church now is just a few miles away.


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