Saturday, April 30, 2011

Surprising Ways of Our Heavenly Father

This morning I went with my husband to help with a side job he had. Then we were to head to the store. While sitting and waiting for him to finish grinding some drill bits- my job being the painting end of it, I read more of my book Sun Stand Still. Today's portion was in regards to prayer.
I was sharing a section with my husband on our way to Walmart. When we got inside we did our normal routine, I left him at the deli counter and went and got some supplies, while he waited for cheese and meat. As I walked back some people started to walk towards him. Me being the probably more antisocial of the two of us, stayed over by the rolls for a few seconds to see if they were going to try and sale him something. Of course The lord was about to deliver a powerful message I just had no idea.
We would come to learn, after my husband so polietly made it impossible for me to walk away, that this group of 5 people were in Walmart today praying for people on their list. They sat in church sometime this week and had a list of qualities, names, situations. Each list being different to each of the five. One lady had Paul's name on there and that he needed encouragement. The other lady well she said that she was confused and felt possibly mislead by her name on her list- It was Jennifer, but the reason she questioned it was that her daughter's name was Jennifer, she felt she might be wrong. The lady that was with them had financial situations and sewing on her list. They knew they had found one of the many that the Lord was wanting them to bless today through the power of prayer. I admit I did read the paper and I personally saw the ladies own handwriting that said Sewing- under prayer of Talents. We allowed them to lay hands on us, two praying for my husband the other three praying for me.
The Lord sure impacted my life. I did not want to pray for financial blessings, even though my husband and I had just talked about that before walking in the store, instead when they asked for a topic I prayed for my business that I would continue to be able to bless others, that it in turn would continue to bless us. The prayers- healing to come over me as I sew each stitch of my next few quilts, that business would flourish and we would have income provided to meet our needs, she continued for quite some time about other things like feelings, emotions and needs. 
For me there are too many connections to not know that this was DIRECTLY our Lord. First it was a mother with a name of a daughter- who happens to match mine- I admit that with this next weekend approaching I am having such difficulty. I took such comfort in that.  Then I know that after my daughter's quilt is done I wanted to begin my mom's butterfly quilt. Hmm healing you think? I do..I marvel at the impression the Lord left on us today. I am so thankful for these faithful servants who spotted us and did not know us, who asked politely if they could pray for us, who invited us to their church if we are ever in the area, and who wanted to make sure we knew Christ as our savior.
Their footsteps amaze me. How often do we go through life and not reach out to others. How often could the Lord use us and we have no clue because we are not still and listening to him. I am thankful the lady listened to our Lord, that even though she doubted that she was hearing correctly she had my name written down, that she would share that story with me. I wish I had been able to explain some things to them and how much their kindness meant, however, I was trying so hard not to become a crying spectacle in the middle of hte produce department.
So if anything take from this story that the Lord does know, that when you hit rock bottom He will move mountains to make sure you understand that you are forever in HIS arms, that He cares and that you matter.

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