Monday, March 28, 2011

MIA and Menu Planning

So I have been a little MIA on the Blog world lately. I have been so busy! Last week on Monday I finished binding two quilts, then cleaned both boys rooms- which took a while, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday- I made from start to finish - 3 quilts. Thursday afternoon I had lunch with my husband, then came home and began to cut clothing for my current quilt order. Friday we had the kids awards so I joined my friend who has a fellow student at the campus for lunch first, then came home and worked more at cutting the clothing for my quilt. Saturday and Sunday were busy with house projects- buying some paint etc and working on homework with kids and getting the rest of the clothing cut- THIS WAS A LONG PROCESS!
So this morning I have all the dishes done, working on wash, bathroom, living room, exercise room and kitchen are all cleaned, even made my oldest son's bed and picked his room up. I have dinner in the crockpot, a MENU for this week- which I failed to do last week. HUGE MISTAKE!
I have 150 quilt blocks all pinned and ready for me to sew the X seams on them. Later I will post some pictures of my 40 days 40 Bags, as well as my game center I finished this weekend. 
Menu for this week

Charro Beans- adults
Bean and Cheese burritos - kids

Soup and Sandwiches

Blueberry Waffles and Bacon

Tuna Helper Boys
Mac n Cheese- Girls
Daddy works late

Probably Fast Food- Jakob and I work a Carnival, so we are gone


Chicken Taco Salads- with leftover Fajita meat


  1. I will likely be there to eat with you on Wednesday and Saturday, so plan for extra! HA! I was about to send out troops for you! I am proud to say that I recycled one bag of stuff yesterday! Slow and steady over here!

  2. Hi Jenn. I wanted to let you know that I have passed on an award to your blog. You can see details here:


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