Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time with your Spouse

I was watching, well really listening to "The Talk" this afternoon. They posed a question today that is always debatable.
When you retire could you suddenly spend 24/7 with your spouse?
I had to laugh as I sat and finished quilting my floral pinwheel quilt and listened to these women basically say they would hate to have to spend 24/7 with their husbands when they retire. I kind of felt bad for them. I personally can't wait till my husband is at a point in life where he could stay home with me. I enjoy his three day weekends or the last two weeks of the year when he has more time off. I love the fact that we both love the beach so much and that as a family we go there often in the summers to spend time together. I love that when we have free movie rental codes we rent a movie, even during the middle of the week to get some time in. 
If there was one thing that my kids could tell strangers or friends its that we love being together. We love the in home dates we have, they occur often. I love connecting with him, working with him on the house, playing games, just sitting and talking. I love running errands with him- often I am just along for the ride and I may not even go in the store with him for whatever he needs but its the drive time and the talk time. In fact I think we spend time together enough that my husband was just caught telling my oldest this weekend that we are not always very productive because if things are busy during the week we don't feel obligated to work hard on the weekend, we would rather enjoy each other's company.
I guess it made me realize how in love we are and how secure with our own space and beings we are. There are times where things aren't always so peachy. Just last night we crossed wires over the phone- I had a stressful day, was not feeling well and needed to step back from our conversation. I let him know that I would call him back in a few minutes. When I did, probably more like 30 minutes later, my first words were, " I am sorry about the phone call, I just have so much going on and am very stressed." That was that. Maybe that is the key for us.
The Words, I am sorry.
So my question for you, "Do you look forward to retirement?"

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