Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

Posting this late because I could not get to the computer in time yesterday or this morning.
Home Made Tostadas. I love Homemade Tostadas. I do the shells myself, then top with beans, cheese, lettuce and Paul's Two Salsas. Red Salsa and his Green Salsa

This is what I got accomplished, not much but it was on my TO DO list for the month. 

I had all this stuff on another wall and it kept getting knocked int, so papers would not stay on my cork board etc. Also I had a problem with kids collecting the mail after school and it not being kept in one location. I bought myself a little TO DO metal box to hold it in. I got a calendar free from Betty Crocker or EAT better- one of the two so that is now on the wall too. I think it will help the space. It is sad that I lost some of the mock counter top space of this old dresser to the new microwave but we are still trying to make adjustments and so far it is working okay. So I didn't get my Tshirt quilt done but I did get something accomplished even if it was something small.


  1. Oh man, I *love* tostadas! It was the saddest day ever when Taco Bell stopped making them LOL!!

    I tackled-Thurs; I got *all* the dishes done today. Whew. Still working on laundry.

  2. Yeah what i like is that everyone will eat them, so I make them several times a month. I really really like that Paul makes some of the best salsas I have ever had so it goes so well with them :-)
    I have a laundry issue too, need to fold three loads I have washed


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