Friday, January 21, 2011

FaithFul Fridays

I saw this new idea on Striving for 31 last week, so I am continuing it again this week.

1. Found a great sale on Chicken which helped us create some meals for the next few weeks.
2. Have someone new interested in a possible quilt order.
3. Husband got a couple nights of extra work through his brother in law this week
4. Tuesday afternoon a friend brought my daughter home from Basketball since we don't have our other vehicle running still.
5. Today my other friend is picking me up to attend the kids awards, return some books to the library and go to the post office to mail the Floral Quilt I finished.
6. Thankful for all the Blockbuster movie codes over the last week so that we had a way to beat the Winter Blues.
7. Thankful I have our Menu planning done all the way through April, it will help us stay on Budget.

So there are 7 ways that God has been faithful to me this week. If you would like to join in the fun, follow the link to Striving for 31 today and link your Blog post, or if you do not have a Blog you can comment on her post for today. Have a very Blessed Weekend, hope everyone stays warm and Healthy.

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