Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quilting and Poor Planning

Jakob's Quilt and my Poor Planning
A year ago I had this great idea to make Jakob a Sudoku quilt, I had a better idea in that I was going to let him pick his nine game fabrics. It did end up being a little pricey but he would get exactly what he wanted. Here is where I went wrong. One its been a year ago and a row got pieced wrong- several blocks in the row. That meant me unpicking a few blocks from three nine patch squares and then sewing the pattern correctly for the entire last 3 nine patch row. If that makes any sense to you keep following to the second problem. 
Problem two- I originally was going to border the quilt with a blue fabric- since Blue is his favorite color- doesn't seem like a problem until I realized after having the center of the quilt done that the quilt is 50 in square and I really wanted the quilt to finish twin size which is 70 by 90 roughly. 
The idea was for this quilt to be on his bed so now I have a couple options- use some game fabric to make "another border" then the blue fabric, or just make the blue border fabric not as wide as it is long. I really want him to like his quilt. He does not know how it would work to have a finished quilt 70 by 70- which is option three. So the solution wait till hubby is home and pray I am not once again pulling this all apart. Next time I hope to plan a little better because this has been a headache- but all headaches create memories so..

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  1. That is so cool! I could never make something so complicated.


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