Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday's X Two

Miss Barbie Pink Custom Requested Quilt Order
I admit I have not been good at Blogging lately. I have been so busy sewing though. I feel like this summer has been a huge blessing as I have one quilt order after another. I do need to stop cutting my prices though as I find its only $20 here and there that I am making on the quilts. It is so hard to not be generous though. A couple of items I have made for free..
First up is Miss Barbie.. The customer chose two barbie fabrics and I created this very cute quilt. I absolutely love every aspect of it. Which is interesting because I can say I am not really a fan of pink. I thought of my niece Selena when making it because she is a huge fan of hot pink and black..That gave me inspiration for my next item.. A cute little matching purse.
This cute little purse has a little pocket on the front. I used both Barbie fabrics for it. The front of the pocket is one, and it is lined on the inside pocket with the other. I did add two fabrics to this cute little bag that were not in the quilt just to give it some added patchwork appeal.
The inside is lined with the pink flannel polka dot material from the back of the quilt, the Straps are made from the binding material. It is very cute and would make a little girl very happy.

Next up is a Tshirt Quilt that I finished. It contains 16 shirts instead of the 12 desired because I found that there were some backs that could be used too. The customer provided the front fabric. I had a cute calico black floral print that I used for the binding and then I used the A & M color burgundy flannel for the back. It measures approx 64 inches square.

Last on my list was a laptop bag for my mom. I did become a little over zealous and it is rather tall. I am so proud of myself. The lining looks great, the handles are patch worked and stitched in beautifully. I know she is just going to love this little bag- well big bag.

My favorite part is the maple leaf. It is my favorite of all leafs. It is the first time I have ever made one. I think it turned out wonderful! I love the way the fabrics laid together and accented each other. I tried to find things that reminded me of our trip to Santa Barbara a few years back and also their home in the mountains. I can't wait for her to see this, as I have never made her anything. So this will be a real treat.
I admit I still owe her a set of towels and potholders so my To Do List is still full. I have several Tshirt Quilts to finish up. I still owe my best friend from High School a Baby Genius Quilt and all three kids quilts are still waiting too.. Amazing how the list always stays full. I am very thankful to the Lord for the many talents he continues to show me. I would have never thought I could make these bags before.

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