Saturday, February 27, 2010

Coupon Saturday

First we stopped at Food Basket twice this week and took advantage of the free 4 lb sugar coupon.. I love their free items every week and am very thankful to my friend Pam who always gives me hers, then my friend Diane does when she remembers. It really helps us out.
Tonight after church which was amazing- Rick Warren's music leader came and led worship tonight, pretty awesome, anyway we stopped at Kroger.
I had 4 coupons for Star Kist Tuna packets- at $1 and the sale of $1 all 4 were free
Carefree liners were also $1 and again I had a coupon for $1 so it was free
They had their Kelloggs/Keebler sale of 4 for $10 I had 1 coupon for Townhouse crackers $2/2
Then 2 coupons for $1/1 on another cracker they sale- so my $10 now becomes $6 and I got two free gallons of milk with the deal which rang up at $2.38 each. I felt really good about that. I will do it again on Tuesday - but with Kelloggs cereal instead
I also took advantage of the Prego Heart Smart 2 for $4, then a coupon for $1 each, so made them $1 each.

My Closeout Items were in the Female aisle
I was excited to have brought in my household binder-it is for soap, toothpaste etc.. I almost didn't because it was not on my list.
I got 8 various Kotex/Stayfree items. I had coupons for all of them and a thing of Monistat on clearance $10.79 with a $3 coupon...all for about $15- I was pretty excited, a couple of the bags of Kotex were on clearance for $1.97 and I had a $1 off for both of them. I wiped out all my coupons on the page with the closeouts they were having.

Another good find was Chewable Vitamin C, they were BOGO, I had 2 $1 off coupons, so for two bottles I paid $4
With the 10 for $10 I also had coupons for Knorr Pasta so I got 4 of those
A bottle of Ketchup for 1.59- I now have 4 so that will get us through a whole year stockpile wise.
I allowed each of the kids to get a pint of BlueBell Icecream since they were 10/$10
and I bought myself a Newspaper and a bottle of my favorite juice- Strawberry Cranberry- which only Kroger seems to make anymore.
Oh and we had to make an unexpected by of posterboard thankfully it was only. 52cents
I felt I did pretty good. With the Mega Sale find on female items a while ago, I think I am not set for a year, as long as our daughter does not start anytime soon.

So the real breakdown...
MFG CPN 25.70
Kroger Plus Savings 28.24
Total coming to 53.94
Then I spent 51.45.. I was pretty excited but 1.45 over what I wanted- granted the kids were not supposed to get the icecream- that was a DAD approved expense.

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