Friday, January 8, 2010

What am I Learning Friday

Wow this morning started off a little hectic and then has just tapered off with excitement. I woke Zekaryah up twice, trusting he was going to get out of bed and quickly into the bathroom where it was warm I went back to my room to climb into bed and be warm until it was time to leave to get Mekenzei from her friend's house. Well he did not get up. Should that surprise me- no but it made for a hectic morning. Thankfully the mom where Mekenzei stayed had a poptart for Zekaryah to eat for breakfast as they no longer were getting it at school. I had wished I had a yogurt as that would have been much better but I didn't.
Anyway got back from dropping off kids, put more wood on the fire and checked email. I found out I will judge the Honor Choir Auditions next Tue for school, that will be neat, as I have a passion for music.
Then the choir teacher confirmed a Baby Genius quilt order from me, just waiting for the size. To top the whole morning off a woman on my facebook page purchased a baby quilt from me. I am creating a Thomas quilt for her son. It is very exciting as I was a little discouraged over money this week when we could not even rent a movie for our anniversary. Last night was the start of it all when I sold two sets of handtowels to another lady on facebook.
I have been praying that the Lord overfill my cup with my quilting business. I love making things for people. I do wish I did not have to charge but right now that is not an option. I do find myself a little overwhelmed as I know how many things I need to make in just January alone. That led me to realize I need to really make sure I schedule time with God first daily. I don't always do so well at that. I plan to start my Bible in 90 days again tonight. I am excited as I really enjoy the way it is done.
It also made me realize that I need to plot out my time well so that I can get it all done and not feel rushed and pressured. I am very thankful that I moved the sewing back into our room. It is a little tight space wise but at least I can run the heater some and stay warm.
The Lord does still amaze me when days like today occur. I feel completely loved and taken care of. It is a wonderful feeling. We may not have heat and be a little cold- well honestly a lot cold today yet he finds ways to warm me up from the inside. What a wonderful feeling. Truly something I am giving thanks for today.

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