Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

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As for my Tackle it Tuesday. It was hard to get motivated today. I wanted to come home and go back to bed after getting the kids to school. I had to think real hard on being that Proverbs 31 woman today. REAL HARD. So first thing I did was get a new load of wash in, then I did a load of dishes, then I ate breakfast..At that point I felt I got a couple things done so I was off to eat breakfast and check email. This afternoon I continued with a second load of dishes. Believe it or not I still have some that need to be washed by hand. I am going to see if my hubby will do those. He left them for me from his Salsa making adventure last night. I have been doing wash all day. I have nearly everything done. I have a pile of blankets and sleeping bags that I will have to keep working on this week but at least all the clothes are just about done and folded. I just need the kids to get what is there's and put them all away. Sadly we have been reworking some of the rooms so laundry baskets and buckets because holders for fabric and other things. It created a problem for me today. I have all the clothes I have done all day piled among two baskets in my daughters room (that is where the washer and dryer are).
I can't wait to have a table again... that is full of all that food I got good deals on... as the room that goes in was supposed to get finished this weekend. Yet, it waits...Hopefully this weekend we can get it done and I can square up my house.One of the Nine Blocks
I also finished up all of Jakobs sudoku blocks for his quilt. All 9 are pressed and ready for sashing, then the border then the top is done. Well embroidery of his name too...That will be a wait off my shoulders as Zekaryahs quilt is still not complete, and his birthday is this Saturday. I told both boys I need to push their birthdays to the same week, so it gives me one more weekend to get both quilts done...Zekaryah's we will do a week late, Jakob's a week early. I think it works. Now I need to shower and get myself to the school to help with choir. Tomorrow I spend the entire day at the school helping with a function for 5th graders so I am hoping my Tackle it Tuesday really helps me be prepared for getting nothing done then. All the little things really do add up.

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