Friday, April 24, 2009

What am I Learning Friday

You know they say the Lord never provides you with more than you can handle. I think that is totally true- I think I need a lesson in budgeting time, so that I don't feel overwhelmed.
My husband kindly mentioned to me last night that he would like me to not do another craft show this summer. He feels that I am "SPENT". The house is in bad shape and it does seem like all I do is quilt. I do clean too, but I just can't have the house TIDY- it is just cleverly kept. Even then not very well at times. I think it started about Spring Break. I did the Handprint Quilt, took an order for a UT Tag A Long, then Took an order for the Royal Purple Faith Quilt, then an order for a Magnolia School Color Memory Kindergarten Doll Like Quilt, Did a donation quilt for my cousin for something he was involved in. Business just flourished.
I have gone to work in the mornings on M,W, F. Done a couple things with the kids school, met up with my friend and then my cousins wife- who feels like a sister- a couple times now. Then worked on a couple quilts for my Booth for the Carnival.
I will say that Saturday or Sunday I worked all day inside the house and had things looking much better, today well it is a wreck again. Dishes have been done- minus the big stuff on the counters, wash is caught up minus folding it all, sheets have been washed and beds are actually made but I look over the house and it doesn't look like I have cleaned in a week. The biggest problem is our bedroom. It looks like a dumping ground. The only clean surface is my bed.
To make matters more complicated I just took a new order- EVER SO GRATEFUL FOR NEW ORDERS, and then saw that someone might like a Tshirt Quilt by the end of May. WHEW!
How exciting. That led me to realize I need a few things.
I need a good spreadsheet that is printed and in a notebook- the one on my computer is great but I need it printed, then I need order forms, receipt forms and a calendar to track my orders.
I think it is getting to the point where I have a real company. I just don't know that my idea of Excel spreadsheets are working and I need some guidance on how t make it all work better for me! First I need to take my empty print cartridges to Walgreen's and get them refilled- then buy a binder and a small calendar- unless I can get hubby to print them from Outlook, I love FREE.
hmmm so I am learning that running a small business is a prayerful matter. That I need to strike a balance between work, play, home and quilting. I did figure out that I can get up 30 min early, answer emails and then when I go to work three mornings a week- I just take a book to read- then I feel like I have some Me time- during the parts where Anne sleeps. I think God made that transition for me this week as I didn't even want to see my computer! I just wanted to escape- dream and READ. It is a hobby I have loved since I was little and I found myself staying up late to read- problem between me and hubby. Problem now solved.
So I believe that if the Lord wants this company to thrive and do well that HE will help me with my spreadsheet problem but since I know I am not the only one out there- I figured why not Blog about it too:-)
What have you learned this week?

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