Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This week seems to be full of little thankfulness moments. I took an order Friday for a baby UT quilt, and then on Tue got another order for my Baby Genius Quilt, I finished the benchwarmer last night after much struggle over how exactly to get the embroidery how I wanted it (opposite directions on the pillow parts) then two different pillow parts, it was sort of confusing but I accomplished what was in my head design wise. All that money goes to help the younger two go to church camp. Which is another things I am grateful over- the scholarship I applied for. The ability to even be able to apply is wonderful, otherwise there is no way they would go as it is $300 per kid. I think we can manage the $150 per kid if quilt sales continue. So we are all just praying and waiting to see what God has in store for them.

I am thankful for all the quilts and things I have been able to make for this craft show on Saturday, thankful that my cousins wife will be joining me at my booth and selling her bow creations for little girls hair and also bow boards that are simply adorable.

I am thankful for the puppy that keeps me company even if he has not learned how to sleep through the nite yet which is making me incredibly tired.

I am thankful that the kids made it through the state TAKS testing and that it is finally all over and that summer is around the corner.

I am also thankful for a friend that sent me my last secret pal package that was full of wonderful goodies. Quilt blocks, chocolate, a book, fabric, a table cloth, a quilt pen and so much more! Once it slows down I will have to play with all the quilt blocks she sent and make something wonderful with them!

While I look forward to Sunday- because I am going to go to bed right after church Saturday night and then SLEEP IN Sunday. I am grateful it stopped raining and we do not have rain coming into our den anymore.

We have all had such a long week and I look forward to the next one. It will be so much less busy.:-)

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