Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter and Thankful Thursday

This Easter season has me thinking alot. This week I have found myself missing family so much. My mom has been very sick with a combination of the mumps and a strep infection. Her immune system is so very weak so I realize the seriousness of her getting "sick". My Grandma June, who just lost her loving husband back in January, went into the hospital Sunday night, she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and liquid in her lungs. I found myself ever so thankful that I had taken a couple photos of her while visiting during the week I was there because I think God will agree that it is her time. I have never seen the commitment of love that this couple shared. I hope I will see it again- maybe even in my own marriage. She truly is so lonely without her Kale and I know she would like nothing more than to pass on so she can return to him in heaven. As my heart hurts knowing this may be soon. I am ever so grateful for Our Savior, Jesus Christ, that he died for us, that he freed us of our sins and that we too if accepting him into our heart, can be in heaven for eternity. That we will be free of the pain, sickness and ailments of this world and we will be made whole in his Beautiful site.

I am very thankful to a friend today also, I sent her some quilting blocks and fabric for a quilt that a few years back I wanted to do for my husband and I. My mother in law had picked the colors and theme for this quilt and it was to be a surprise to my husband. I had worked on it some but every time that I worked on it I found pain in my heart because it reminded me so much of her. At one point I decided to just put it away. I had dug it out a couple months ago and once again attempted to finish my UFO. I just couldn't. This morning had been such a morning of trials. My embroidery machine wasn't working, the Internet wasn't working, I went back to bed with a sore throat. Then after some prayer things came together. When I logged into Blogger today, there it was a finished Quilt with the fabrics I had picked. I just sat and cried a bit. It was perfect timing as I am taking my daughter this afternoon to my mother in laws grave to put some lilies there for Easter. I don't know that Des will ever know how much it means to me that she finished it. Better yet I pray that when she lists it in ETSY that it will bring her household some money, as her husband and her have had some rough times job wise with hours and such lately. If you would like to see the quilt click on the link here. It truly is Beautiful.

Remember as we approach Easter what the true meaning is. That we through Christ have eternal salvation. That with His death we have NEW LIFE. If you do not know Christ as your savior and have not asked Him into your heart. I challenge you to do so today, He will accept you into His Kingdom Just As You Are.

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