Monday, February 9, 2009

My First Monday Menu Planning

Well today is my first day to Blog about Menu Planning. I do plan our Menu, typically a month at a time though, but I have fallen short the last couple of weeks. So I saw on Following 31 that she posted hers today and I was inspired. God said- Jenn get back in there and get yourself organized. So Menu Planning here we go. It is so important to organize. I know my whole life seems very unorganized right now, in every area. It is one thing I try to teach our children as it really makes a huge difference. For example every night after they shower I have them get all their school things together (shirt, pants, socks, shoes, jacket and backpack). It allows our morning to move along so much better.

If you would like to visit the Organizing Junkie for inspiration please feel free to click on the link provided. There are some great ideas there.

So for my first Menu Planning Blog here we go

Monday- Pork Chops just lightly done in Olive Oil, Mashed Potatoes with cream gravy, broccoli

Tuesday- Crockpot meal- chicken and Rice, green beans and cream style corn

Wednesday- Breakfast Night- Belgian Waffles- topped with whip cream, blackberries and Strawberries

Thursday- Chicken Enchiladas, Beans and Spanish Rice

Friday- BBQ Jakob's Choice- for Birthday weekend

Saturday- Jakob's Birthday Choice

Sunday- Jakob's Birthday Weekend Choice

SO this week, I still have to get with my oldest and find out what he wants. His birthday is the 12th and he has yet to decide what foods he will select for his Birthday Weekend. I let them choose meals from Fri evening (since they eat at school) through Sunday Evening.
They also get a FREE PASS on chores for the entire weekend. They get to choose a movie/game of their choice too for a family night. We don't do big parties but I already know the dessert as they all three love CHEESECAKE. I will post that recipe tomorrow, as it is super delicious and really easy to make. (of course I don't care for cheesecake but it is really good considering that)
So what is on your Menu?

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  1. I like the Belgian waffle idea...never made them but they sound wonderful!


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