Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Menu Planning

Our Menu this week was inspired by a great price on Hamburger Meat- one we could not pass up and the kids, who wanted something more Kid Like- rather than fancy meals.
So we are doing a Mexican Food Week
Leftover Night- pick your own- from last weeks Menu.
Tacos, Spanish Rice
Enchiladas, Beans and Rice
Taco Salad
Quesdillas, Chips and Fresh Salsa
Each night option for chips and queso is served- big crockpot of it was made for all week last night.
Also will be making some homemade Salsa to go on Mexican Week Items.
I just love this photo. I have some of these coming up in my yard right now, however I have all white ones. I bought some yellow bulbs, but will have to wait for them to come up until next year I think, even though they are sold now, they love the cool mornings, you can't help but love the verse too.

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